Will it fit on my scope?

Yes you can fit it to almost any scope, microscope, telescope and binocular with an eye piece measuring from 22mm to 43mm with UN-2, and 28mm to 50mm with UN-3.  If your scope comes threaded inside the eye piece we have special adaptor for it in sizes 36mm and 38mm .


Which Smartphones can I use with the adaptor ?

You can fit almost any smart phone with the 17mm screw lens case. You can get this case from eBay or Amazon. It's typically called the "Fish Eye Lens Case"


What type of camera I can connect to the kit? 

At the moment we have only rings for the casio series of cameras.
We will be making more rings for different models soon.

Code: CCR-1                                EX-ZR100 , EX-ZR200 , EX-ZR300 , EX-ZR400 , EX-ZR500

Code: CCR-2.1 & CCR-2.2           EX-ZR700 , EX-ZR750 ,  EX-ZR800 , 
Code: CCR-3                                EX-ZR1000 , EX-ZR1200 , EX-ZR1500
Code: CCR-4                                FH-100


Why casio EX-ZR ? 

This is the best photo camera for high speed recording recording up to 1000 frame per second. 


Can I conect DSLR to the kit ? 

Yes you can all the thread size are m42 standard. 



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