Will it fit in my Scope?
It will fit almost any scope, microscope, telescope, binoculars, monocular. All your scope needs is an eyepiece between 22mm to 43mm for UN-2 and 28mm to 50mm with UN-3. If your scope is threaded inside the eyepiece we have a special adapter for it sized 36mm and 38mm.


Which Smartphones I can fit on the adaptor ?

almost any smart phone with the 17mm screw lens case you can get this case from (eBay or Amazon) called (eye fish lens case) 


What type of camera I can conect to the kit? 

at the moment we have only ring for casio serious

 we are making more ring for different casio Camera soon.

Code: CCR-1                                EX-ZR100 , EX-ZR200 , EX-ZR300 , EX-ZR400 , EX-ZR500
Code: CCR-2.1 & CCR-2.2           EX-ZR700 , EX-ZR750 ,  EX-ZR800 , EX-ZR850 , 
Code: CCR-3                                EX-ZR1000 , EX-ZR1100 , EX-ZR1200 , EX-ZR1300 , EX-ZR1500

CCR-2.5 & 2.2                              EX-ZR16000 , EX-ZR2000 , EX-ZR3000 , EX-ZR3500 
CCT-10 & CCT-1                          EX10 , EX100




Can I conect DSLR to the kit ? 

Yes you can all the thread size are m42 standard.